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Phoenix truck driving school is a low-cost $1700 truck training source, serving Phoenix, AZ “valley-wide” Valley 623-792 0017. The CDL training is a standard truck, job placements, and endorsements included. NO HIDDEN COSTS!

CDL driving school Phoenix AZ

What will I learn at CDL training school?

Everything you need to pass the CDL DMV test for a cost at $ 1700 for total CDL training, or you can rent the truck once. The DMV test $ 750 test with 4 sections of practice, is a good way if you have experience.

Phoenix truck driving school office is located in 5604 West Campbell Ave, Phoenix Arizona, just call 623-792 0017.

Bernardo Zuluaga Owner Operator
CDL Training Phoenix

When you attend Phoenix truck driving school you will be required to learn the basics of driving a tractor trailer. You will spend time behind the wheel of the truck learning backing, turning, Pre-trip, Endorsements. Airbrakes in the cab, etc

CDL training Phoenix

We are owners operators small shool delivery training Class A standard truck CDL is commercial driver’s license and is required to drive combination vehicles of more than 26,000 pounds and hazardous materials.

easy cdl get information here

Try, is the only way to know if works!

Believe, that life changes as much as you want!

CDL Training Phoenix

CDL training Phoenix Arizona support in Spanish English If you need a commercial driver’s license for a job or to give excellent family support, and if you are interested in sign in, CDL training driving school offers the training required to earn your CDL.

Regardless of whether you want to drive a tractor-trailer, truck, we are able to assist you to pass the written and road evaluation by DMV DPS Phoenix Arizona. CDL training Phoenix Focus.

CDL training Phoenix is skilled

We are offering CDL training for commercial drivers in Phoenix valley wide We provide training for Class-A CDL standard truck. All CDL students must very first obtain CLP Computer Learner’s Permit for a CDL vehicle.

Free CDL CLP Training

We provide you with Absolutely free CDL permit online class prepared you for the written test for the DMV Department of Motor Vehicles. When you obtain your own CLP learner’s permit, the next thing is to calendar your own initial driving course with the truck.

One On One Training

We provide you with Hands On the truck road training. Bernardo Zuluaga instructors will continue to work with you until you feel confident and comfortable to schedule your Phoenix road test. For your test, we will provide the same vehicle for the exam, making the road test as comfortable as possible.

If You Don’t Try, You’ve Already Failed

Do we train truckers?

Yes, and the training includes Computer training, truck practices, pre-trip inspection, endorsements, job placement, the training on the street gives you the best approach to pass the DMV test.

If you think that the thinking of the trapped

“how much is the training of the CDL?”

The cost of easy remedy training is only $ 1700 of standard speed for trucks, everything is included. Phoenix CDL driving school is a truck training rental truck.

Commercial driver’s license pre-trip inspection?

Training is the only way to pass the pre-inspection, the training program makes a real focus in that, includes before leaving the DMV tests , learning how to remove the keys, locking the tires, the engine compartment, the inspection of the cabin, the safe start and how to perform an excellent test of the air brakes of your truck’s tractor.

The initial step driving safe

Make sure your truck is dependable when driving, It is intended that with our pre-trip inspection training before the trip, you have the absolute certainty of feeling comfortable and safe during your classes, which will allow you to perfect your learning.

We can observe that the bad habits of some drivers are quite common and that they must be corrected in time, to guarantee the safety of their lives and that of the other people who pass through the different routes.

Offering for the student

  • Computer training
  • Air brakes
  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Endorsements
  • Truck training
  • truck for DMV testing
  • Job placement

Since I began to drive the tractor of my truck by road, I am exposed to a series of dangers, so if I am prudent, and I can avoid them.

Why is it important to always have a good rest before leaving travel?

Having your complete sleep cycle before leaving to will ensure that your life and that of others are safe since the microsleep is one of the main factors that cause traffic accidents; just a second of sleep on the road can trigger a tragedy with severe human losses.

It is always recommended that Phoenix, AZ as students from our truck driving school start changing their bad habits before driving.

When do you start training?

These courses are held every day at the following times, for this reason, it is recommended to register in advance since the training is individual.

  • CDL training Phoenix Arizona CDL school training information

Phoenix CDL school

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truck driving school san antonio information

About Our Goal

Job Placement

Phoenix Arizona CDL school is dedicated to exceptional training services using the most recent niche training. Our main focus is providing students from Maricopa County, and surrounding areas with professional truck driver skills and continued safety training, making certain graduates a way to career success.

We’re pleased to offer top quality professional truck driver training programs.

What are standard trucks?

The standard transmission in one of the most common and most straightforward semi-trailers to change, just like the manual transmission in a car, the pattern of changes in most large platforms is designed in a standard “h” format. The most significant difference is that in large trucks there is a lower and upper or higher range, this is necessary for you to practice and memorize the correct range of rpm to change the gear.

Obtain a CDL school in Phoenix, Arizona

CDL school in Phoenix, az, you must be at least 18 years of age to get a class b or c license, submit proof of residency and pass a medical examination. To obtain a class c license or to transport through state lines, you must be at least 21 years of age. Offering for the student.

Computer training Air brakes Pre-trip inspection Endorsements Truck training Truck for DMV testing Labor placement Just try that we know if we work! Driving school truck Phoenix, AZ information

Do we have CDL training tools?

We have all the tools you will need so that you can study how to safely and correctly manage a commercial vehicle. Click on how I get the CDL. As an additional bonus, our written test mater

CDL driving school Phoenix AZ

The training facility in Phoenix, AZ locally owned and operated by Bernardo Zuluaga, offering commercial driving training class A, the training is made by owner-operator Bernardo Zuluaga, and sometimes placed qualified drivers in the trucking industry.
The school trains students to become CDL drivers expert drivers, we hope these assists help you in your own pursuit of a new JOB, our goal together with students:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • integrity
  • Skills

CDL driving school Phoenix AZ

CDL driving training Phoenix AZ information

OUR Training

  • CDL Refresher Course
    3 hours of one-on-one training for students searching for extra practice for the DMV CDL test Exam.
  • CDL Skills Evaluation
    12 hours, a one-on-one class designed to get the skills essential to pass the students the test at the DMV giving skills before taking the CDL Skills Exam cost is $1700.
  • Class A CDL Fast Track
    6 hours over a 1 week period that teaches students everything that they need to know to obtain a Class A commercial license.
  • Passenger Vehicle Upgrade Passagers Endorsement
    A program geared toward drivers who already have a Class A or Class B CDL and need to add the passenger endorsement to their license.

CDL driving school Phoenix AZ have available training programs for Class A, Class B, and Passenger Endorsements. Our programs provide students with the driving experience and skills essential to gain the assurance they have to have a successful career in the business driving industry. Check out our programs web page to get more info and apply.

We also supply customizable training programs for prospects with previous driving skills.

Truck driving school Phoenix, Arizona

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