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Truck training school Phoenix, AZ is an AFFORDABLE source to get the CDL license class A necessary to start driving semi trucks with standard transmission.

CDL class A Training

Training is in steps; the first is the computer exams, the second air brake the third inspection of the truck before the trip, the fourth learns to drive the truck, the fifth maneuver and the sixth road test in the DPS MVD for what you will use in the same truck you train.

Usually, you pass the license on the first attempt, but sometimes it requires the second opportunity, we have no hidden cost.

We Do What We Sing in The Contract

We have no hidden cost. No subsequent contracts. The school truck training school is located in Phoenix AZ CDL training, is the best economic way $ 1700 the total value of training, after opting for your license you are free to work with whomever you want.

For additional information, reach Bernardo Zuluaga Owner Operator. Phone 623-7920017 CDL Truck training Phoenix.

Refresher Courses

Yes, if you are interested in learning how to drive trucks safely or if you prefer that we give specialized classes in maneuvers, use of gear or with training on the road we can help you, the hourly value is $ 100 you must hire the minus 2 hours.

The truck that uses the truck training school phoenix serving Peoria, Glendale, Laveen, Avondale, Mesa is ten stick shift gear and we have one of 7 stick shift that makes it much easier to pass the route test.

Our target

At Truck Training School Phoenix we believe that people can expand their innate skills and talents when they are given respect, attention, dedication, through systematic training and instruction.

We will provide you with as a student probably the most current knowledge of CDL you will have.

Transportation industry

It is a great way to work since there are immense possibilities if you do not like a boss, resign, and a thousand more jobs are available, we are waiting that the prosperity comes inside your family after getting the CDL.

We need from the student’s hard work and dedication, truck training school phoenix will¬†make all efforts to guarantee the success we make a more significant effort to achieve it successfully.

Trucking is not just for men.

Some corporations on earth these days are creating a passionate effort to restructure their process atmosphere to be more women-friendly and adapt to their requests.

Women Are Hard Workers

Women The transport industry has evolved, taking significant steps to make women feel more comfortable inside the trucks and all that it means. Today there are many women on the road with their trucks and some working for companies.

Buy a truck

Become owners and operators, more and more people who in the past have started a significant and exciting occupation. Online many deals with most experts, now are the most comfortable time to get a truck, used or new.

Your Boss Yourself

The trucking business now is more profitable, and the opportunity has never been higher for first-time drivers better payments. As a qualified and efficient driving force, obtaining a competent revenue source in a position far superior to that of many different careers is easy.

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